Agri Science Sweden

Agri Science Sweden

Experts in plant protection of Agricultural crops

Agri Science Sweden is an internationel research organisation established in 2014 by three independent scientists in the Sweden. We are specialized in research and development in plant pathology and plant protection and have long experience of diagnostics and extension service in several crops.  Our customers are found within the agricultural sector, Swedish authorities, universities and private companies and institutes.

Agri Science Sweden offer

  • Soil tests for soil born diseases such as root rot in peas, beet, faba beans, spinache, dill, parsley, wheat, barley and oil seed rape.
  • Diagnostics of storage pathogens
  • Fields trials in large and small scale
  • Experiments in green house
  • Trial statistics and evaluation

Ongoing R&D projects within Agri Science Sweden

  • EU-project - biological control
  • Storage rots in carrots
  • Strategies for control of free living nematodes in agricultural crops
  • Seed treatments against fungi
  • Weed Control i vegetable crops
  • Plant nutrition

For more information please contact us:

Åsa Olsson Nyström    +46 709 99 59 06

Lars Persson               +46 733 58 80 63

Mariann Wikström       +46 760 90 98 08